Distressed Logo Black Stealth Shovel

Distressed Logo Black Stealth Shovel

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For everyone who needs a full-size, indestructible tool for moving and grooming terrain. For pros who go backcountry on sleds to build massive jumps. For car owners who want the best emergency shovel for expeditions in snow country. For RV owners. For snowmobilers. For ice fisherman. For Brooklyn brownstone dwellers. Gardeners. It's the last shovel you'll ever need and perfectly sized for any on-the-go project.

At nearly twice the thickness of an avalanche shovel, the patent-pending Stealth Shovel won't bend or deform.

ALL BLACK: The black of night is when some of the best adventures happen. Maybe things didn’t go quite as planned, so you’re late getting back to the parking lot...by about 5 hours, so it’s just you, a headlamp, and the big dark expanse of the night sky. It’s these moments that inspired the all-black shovel, and they remain some of our fondest memories.

  • Shovel Head: 2.5 mm aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy (this sucker won’t bend an inch). 18" wide 9" long 3" deep when folded
  • Telescoping Tubular Shaft: 1.6 mm aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy shaft that is 56.5" long extended
  • Stress tested in laboratory and the field conditions in temps ranging from -40 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit

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