The DMOS Factory Seconds Program

We hold ourselves to an incredibly high quality standard. All of our tools are manufactured in our Portland, Oregon facility using the most advanced machinery and materials to uphold that commitment to quality.

So it’s only natural that there are times when we manufacture some products that aren’t quite up to our rigorous standards or get slightly used returns from customers - a paint chip, a scratch in finish, a dent, or even mismatched shaft colors. That’s why we created our “Factory Seconds” program, where we offer these "Seconds" at a great value to our customers.

Our Factory Seconds use the same materials, parts and offer the same great performance as products sold at full retail price, and are in no way impacted by these cosmetic imperfections.  So if you prefer function over form, this is a great opportunity to score an award-winning DMOS tool at a fraction of the price.

Please note that all Factory Seconds program sales are final and cannot be combined with any other offer, so bear that in mind when ordering and enjoy the savings!  Pictures may differ from actual Factory Second items.