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The DMOS Stealth Roadside Kit

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The DMOS Stealth Roadside Kit expands your self-recovery capabilities with an expertly-curated selection of gear. A headlamp to light your activities, a pair of elk skin gloves, a battery booster that'll jump-start your car, a Stealth shovel to dig your way out, a reusable electric flare to signal for help or block off your vehicle, and a towel to keep things tidy after the hard work is done, all sealed in our 1000D Roadside Carry Bag.

Products Included:

  • DMOS Reflective Stealth Shovel
  • NOCO GB40 Battery Charger
  • Princeton Tec Snap Headlamp
  • PowerFlare
  • PackTowl
  • DMOS Elk Skin Leather Gloves
  • DMOS Roadside Carry Bag

Squared Away - Everything is on hand but out of the way in the Roadside Kit Bag.

Block the road to make sure you're not rammed by an oncoming vehicle.

The included Princeton Tec Headlamp keeps your workspace illuminated.

DMOS Elk Skin gloves make sure your hands are protected.

The included DMOS Stealth Shovel is enhanced with 3M reflective accents.

The NoCo GB40 provides power when you're in a jam.