Alpha 2 Shovel Mount for Auto/Truck/ATV Racks

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For Auto Roof Racks, ATV/UTVs, Snowmobiles, Vans, Truck Bed Racks 

Keys have racks, tools have boxes, now the DMOS has a mount. As engineered and indestructible as your shovel, this mount will keep you sane -- it locks up and mounts anywhere. Keep your shovel at hand (and from walking off) when you need it most on your truck, van, RV, ATV, UTV, trailer and more.

 The Alpha 2 Shovel mount is a 3 lb plate and bracket that is built to pair your Alpha 2 shovel to your auto roof rack, truck bed rack, ATV/UTV or snowmobile. It has pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware.  

Our recommendation is this mount will accept up to a 2” typical diameter bar.  The threaded bolt length is 2.75” long.  Allow .300” to fully engage the nyloc nut.  Allow .050” to capture the optional flat washer.  Allow .135” to capture the bracket flat bar.  This leaves you with 2.265” of open clamping capability.

Made out of 6061 aluminum in our USA factory and powder-coated black, the Alpha 2 Mount ups the game in how you can use DMOS for any off-road adventure or expedition.