G2 Gloves Elk Skin

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Protect your hands from the elements and the toughest jobs with these elkskin gloves.

Quality American tools deserve quality American-made work gloves. These gloves are designed in Teton Valley, WY by a master leatherworker and built to last for generations. The elk skin is the perfect balance between durability and suppleness, riding somewhere between deerskin and cowhide gloves as far as flex, strength, and stretch. Put these in your kit and don't look back -- these are the perfect gloves for adventure and emergencies alike. Note: the palm is seamless for durability and comfort.

    You can waterproof your gloves and we suggest you do so. We recommend Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather. There are four easy steps:
    • 1. Clean gloves first to remove dirt with a damp cloth
    • 2. Apply a generous amount (quarter size) to each glove.
    • 3. Rub wax in and be sure to cover seams
    • 4. Allow gloves with wax to dry at room temperature.
    • With regular wax waterproofing, your gloves can last 8-10 years. Unisex sizes S-XXL