About Us


We proudly call Wyoming, and, more specifically, Jackson Hole home. Our tools are made for the people who live and pursue adventures for pleasure or for work in extreme terrain such as that found here in Wyoming. Our tools work for us and our friends here and they will work for you too, no matter where you live or work.

People often ask how how we got our name. In the early days of the company, we talked a lot about our desire to design tools that gave us more freedom and control outdoors. Tools that allowed us to “do my own stuff,” or D-M-O-S. It was a phrase so often repeated that it not only became our internal rallying cry for independence and empowerment, but it also became the name of our brand.


DMOS builds tools that you can stake your life on even if you don't have to. For us, quality is our number one value. To achieve quality, we’ve worked hard to bring our manufacturing from Asia back to the United States. Our manufacturing is in a Deming-certified factory in the great state of Oregon. We take pride in our manufacturing team and that pride shows in every DMOS tool we make.

Environmental Stewardship

Our mission is to continually surprise and empower people while treading lightly upon our planet.

DMOS is a proud supporter of 1% for the Planet.