What’s DMOS’ story?
Can I change my shipping address?

Sure! Simply log into your Kickstarter or Indiegogo account and update your survey answers. If you’re still confused, email dmos@dmoscollective.com and we’ll be sure to help you out.

Can I buy a shovel with a straight edge or an extension with a straight edge?

As of right now, no, but you're not the first to ask! Keep a lookout... you may see this feature at some point in the near future.

How are DMOS™ Shovels special?

DMOS™ tools are thoughtfully designed, versatile, portable, and built to last. They will be the last shovels you ever own.

Will my shovel's color fade?

Absolutely not! We can assure you that the color will not fade. We use dye sublimated color, which is baked into the shovel to give long-lasting color.

Are the shovels difficult to use?

No! The Stealth Shovel™ has a wide, no-slip T-handle that helps with grips and maneuverability. The Alpha Shovel comes with a D-handle, created for better leverage and so strong that it won't even fall off in -60 degrees Celsius. The longer shaft also provides you with more leverage and saves you the backache! These shovels are made for anyone and everyone.

How do I assemble my shovel?

If you've never seen it done before, assembling your shovel might seem confusing and complex! Check out this video to see how it's done.

What is the correct way to collapse the shaft?

Always remember, top to bottom. If you you still can't get it to collapse properly, watch the short video below!

My shovel's not nesting correctly. What do I do?

Is your shaft not sitting quite right in your shovel? Does the shaft keep sliding out of its nesting position? If it's nested correctly, this won't happen. Let us show you how!

My shovel is in a bunch of pieces. How do I put it back together?

Maybe you took the shovel apart to explore its cool design, or maybe it happened by accident! Either way, in this video we'll show you how to reassemble it!

Snow keeps sticking to my shovel. Do you have any hacks?

Of course! We've got hacks for everything. Hear all about it in our video below and get the stuff for yourself!

The pins on my connector are too tight. Is there a fix?

Of course there is! Check out this video to learn how to make your pins easy to squeeze and your shovel easy to collapse.

The connector on my shovel broke. What should I do?

We’ve identified this issue in our first-generation Stealth Shovels; we have since redesigned the connector be sturdier and more durable, made from nylotron, rather than ABS plastic. Please email dmos@dmoscollective.com or call us at (307) 203-2975 with the problem and your address, and we’ll send you a new connector kit!

My shaft won’t fit on the connector. Is my shovel broken?

Good news: It’s not broken! The bottom section of the shaft only fits onto the connector in one direction, so, if it doesn’t fit, flip the shaft over and try again.

I bought the Saber Saw but I don't understand where to put it in the shovel. Can you help?

Sure thing we can! Check out this tutorial on how to attach, use and store your Saber Saw, safely. Happy digging!

Alpha Shovel™:
I backed the Alpha Shovel™ and I still haven't received my items. Where is my order?

Because of our production move from Asia to the USA, shipment and delivery were delayed. Our ship date is now October 1st, and we ARE in USA production!

How strong is the Alpha Shovel™?

The Alpha Shovel has been been strength tested to withstand 3,880 pounds.

Does the Alpha Shovel™ work well in all environments and seasons?

Yes! Snow, sand, dirt, mud, gravel, mulch and leaves, the Alpha Shovel handles anything you can throw at it. This tool is designed to perform in all seasons in any terrain!

How much does the Alpha Shovel™ weigh?

The Alpha Shovel weighs 4 pounds, making it lightweight for use and easy to carry on long hikes or bike rides.

How long does the Alpha Shovel™ extend?

The Alpha Shovel™ has a customizable tubular shaft that extends from 18” to 56.5”, making it easy to handle any job.

What is the Alpha Shovel™ made of?

It’s made of 2.5mm thick aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy.

Can the Alpha Shovel™ handle any temperature?

The Alpha Shovel was stress tested in laboratory and field conditions in temperatures ranging from -40 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit without problems.

Stealth Shovel™:
How does the Stealth Shovel™ differ from a park rake?

The largest difference is the size and shape of the head and the collapsible shaft. The head is 18”x9”, meaning it’s narrower to fit in a pack, but longer front to back, and therefore can pick up nearly twice as much snow.

Can I use the Stealth Shovel™ for park grooming?

Absolutely. What about a cheap hardware store shovel? You can use whatever tools you want, but it turns out that plastic doesn’t hold up as well as aircraft quality aluminum. Shocking! And is your dad’s snow shovel going to crush crud and rake out your jumps? Nope.

Is the Stealth Shovel™ good for driveway shoveling?

Of course! No garage space to store big, bulky shovels? No worries! The Stealth Shovel™ can easily fit on a shelf and be tucked away from when it’s needed.

How does the Stealth Shovel™ differ from an Avalanche Shovel?

You hope you never have to use your avy shovel. On the other hand, the Stealth Shovel is designed for use every time you go out. The Stealth Shovel’s blade is almost twice the thickness of your standard avalanche shovel and the shaft is almost twice the length, meaning: This thing ain’t gonna break, and a longer shovel shaft doubles your leverage and saves your back. The shovelhead is significantly different too; it features a unique design that shovels, rakes, crushes and packs snow into one hell of a stellar jump.

Can I use the Stealth Shovel™ as an Avalanche Shovel?

No. Be smart in the backcountry and bring avy specific gear if stuff gets crazy. We recommend bringing both an avy shovel and a Stealth Shovel if you’re playing in dangerous terrain. In the future, we may get this shovel avy-certified, or produce different sets of shovel heads for different uses -- but for now -- use the Stealth Shovel to build kickers and your avy tools for avalanches.

What is the Stealth Shovel™’s ideal environment?

The Stealth Shovel™ was originally designed to be a kicker tool; a terrain-building tool created to cut and sculpt snow. It is ideal for grooming and building jumps, but it also functions well as a snow shovel for your driveway, a sandcastle-building shovel or a backup shovel to help your car get out of a sticky situation.

How strong is the Stealth Shovel™?

The Stealth Shovel™ is rugged! It has been tested under 3,886 pounds of force, proving it’s one of the most burley shovels ever created.

What is the Stealth Shovel™ made of?

The head is made from 2.5 mm aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy and the telescoping tubular shaft is made from 1.6 mm aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy. This sucker won’t bend an inch.

What temperatures can the Stealth Shovel™ handle?

The Stealth Shovel has been stress tested in laboratory and field conditions ranging from -40 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, without problems.

What is the Stealth Shovel™’s extension length?

The Stealth Shovel can telescope from 18” into an indexed locking 56.5” power shaft that helps you build faster and protects your back.

How much does the Stealth Shovel™ weigh?

The Stealth Shovel™ weighs 3.3 pounds: not much more than a full water bottle.