What is the correct way to collapse the shaft?

The right way to collapse DMOS’ telescoping shaft is from the top down.

The pins on my connector are too tight.
Is there a fix?

You can alter the pin tolerances by following these simple steps:
1. Remove the pin in your shovel’s connector with a pair of needle-nose pliers.
2. Squeeze the pin between your thumb and index finger a couple of times, until the pin feels less stiff.
3. Reinsert the pin into the connector, so that the buttons align with the holes on the connector.

The connector on my shovel broke;
what should I do?

We’ve identified this issue in our first-generation Stealth Shovels; we have since redesigned the connector be sturdier and more durable, made from nylotron, rather than ABS plastic. Please email dmos@dmoscollective.com or call us at (307) 203-2975 with the problem and your address, and we’ll send you a new connector kit!

My shaft won’t fit on the connector;
Is my shovel broken?

Good news: It’s not broken! The bottom section of the shaft only fits onto the connector in one direction, so, if it doesn’t fit, flip the shaft over and try again.