Our Story


On a winter’s day in 2015, our founder, Susan Pieper, observed her son using plastic shovels to build snow jumps in her backyard and then leaving them lying around before breaking them on hard pack snow. Susan and her former colleague and co-founder, Tom Bennett, had some experience developing action sports tools but were looking for a bigger market.

Susan’s research into tools revealed that emergency and camping shovels were too small; military shovels were strong but short-shafted and not comfortable for everyday use; and that hardware store shovel tools had become plastic and dumbed down.

In collaboration with a local product design engineering pro, Jack Koehler, they made a prototype, which they called the “Kicker Tool” and gave it to Travis Rice for testing. With his “thumbs up” and later that Fall 2015 endorsement of their “Build Better Jumps” Kickstarter Campaign, DMOS was born.

From the beginning, the mantra in our company is that we don’t build a product for pros, we build it with them.

DMOS has now fully pivoted into reimagining lawn and garden tools for people’s adventures, outdoor pursuits, emergency use and homes. DMOS exists to build tools that are purpose-built, portable, and engineered to outlast you. DMOS is hardware for out there.

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The Kicker Tool

Build Better Jump

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Alpha Shovel

The Most Badass Shovel for Everyone

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The goal became clear; develop a category of products called Active Tools, in which everyday hardware tools are reimagined for your active life. The DMOS brand promise is to make tools that are multi-purpose and smart, engineered to be indestructible, and portable.