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DMOS | Pro Shovel Tools


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Always be ready for a Roadside Emergency with the PowerFlare, a unique LED signal/safety flare that burns as bright as a chemical flare without burning at all.

Email when available
  • The average pattern-run-time per replaceable $3 battery is 44 hours. Rechargeable units run about 5 years per $7 battery. Compare that to $2 for a 20-minute flare. You'll make your money back and be saving in no time!
  • Safe to handle when operating; use a light that doesn't get hot and can't burn skin, clothes, or start fires. You have enough on your plate. Don't risk burns and a fire too!
  • Drivers get confused. Especially at night. Don't blend in when your life is on the line. Direct traffic in a clear and obvious manner to keep yourself, your team, and your equipment safe.
  • You're a busy person already, and you have important things to do. Laying out new flares every 20 minutes shouldn't be one of them. We'll stay with you to get the job done.