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Launching on Kickstarter in mid-June (exact date TBD). $299 value available day one for $149. 
Traditional camping and survival shovels are e-tools born out of the WW1 era trenching shovels. But they require you to get on your hands and knees to dig and no one actually wants to do that. That’s why we reinvented the e-tool and created the Delta Shovel. This bad boy is full-sized, collapsible, and indestructible. You won’t find a more badass shovel and you won’t have to because it will last you your entire life.
VIRTUALLY UNBREAKABLE - When it came to materials, DMOS didn’t skimp out. The Delta Shovel is made from either aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum or 16 gauge carbon steel. Throw it off a cliff, run over it with a truck, or catch it on fire, this thing ain’t breaking.


FULL-SIZED AND PORTABLE With its 3 part telescoping indexed locking shaft, the Delta Shovel can extend to a full-sized shovel or collapse to a portable size. This makes it extremely versatile, convenient and valuable when in the outdoors.

 LIFETIME WARRANTY DMOS takes pride in their products. That’s why the Delta Shovel is backed by our lifetime warranty. If it breaks, just send it back and we'll ship you a new one.

DMOS Limited Lifetime Warranty / Made in the U.S.A. / 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
NOTE: Additional price tiers may be available at launch for Steelhead and heritage wood handle. 
This shovel has already been made into production samples and the shovel design has already been field tested and we will continue to field test and cut inline into production any improvements prior to the production run for Kickstarter backers.  

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