The Saber Saw

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Tools only work when you have them readily available, which is why we designed a multidimensional cross-cut saw to fit inside the shaft of our shovels. That way when you need it, you're ready. Perfect for anyone who spends ample time outdoors to cut through everything from ice blocks to tree branches. The Saber Saw is 6" long and made of Stainless Steel and is 1.2mm thick. Fits both the D-grip and T-grip top shaft segments of the Stealth and Alpha Shovels.NOTE: Only compatible with the OG Alpha.

*PLEASE NOTE* storing the saw inside your shaft will prevent the shaft from being extended to its full 56.5" length for Stealth and Stealth Pro models and will only allow a maximum length of 47.25". For Alpha and Alpha 2, the max shaft length will be 52" with the saw stored versus 61.5". Keep in mind, if you would like to maintain the full shaft length, simply replace the push button pin that came with your shovel and remove the saw when not in use.