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The Stealth Pro Shovel - Seconds

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High-Performance, Extra Wide Portable Plow/Rake Tool, Perfect for Professional Snow Work, Car/Truck, Survival, Camping, Off-Road, Emergency, and Other Outdoor Activities
All brain. All brawn. Made with T6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, the new Stealth pro was built because sometimes the job is big. Really big. Red Bull terrain park big to lift operations during a powder day big. This is a professional tool, the finest of its kind that is portable and infinitely versatile.
STRONG - Made from lightweight and durable T6-6061 aircraft aluminum with a powder coated finish, this tool won't rust or break. DMOS Stealth Pro is the ultimate shovel for auto/overlanding, adventure, action sports, ski lift operations or military work.
COMPACT- Sized just right to fit in any trunk. Take along, rack or stow anywhere. Packs down to 26 x 9 x 2.25" (66 x 23 x 6 cm) and weighs 4.1 lb (1.86 kg) You'll be ready no matter what wildlife or nature throws your way.
VERSATILE - Foldable and full-sized all in one. Handle extends to 57". The DMOS Stealth Pro is built to handle snow, ice, dirt or sand quickly and efficiently. Perfect for your Car, Truck, Terrain Parks and Building Kickers/Jumps.
HIGH PERFORMANCE - Twice as thick as an avalanche shovel with optimized blade and teeth to break up rough terrain and ice. Ergonomic, full-sized shaft won't hurt your back. Choose from smooth or serrated blades.

DMOS Factory Seconds Program

At DMOS, we hold ourselves to an incredibly high quality standard. All of our gear is manufactured in our Portland, Oregon facility using the most advanced machinery and materials to uphold that commitment to quality. So it’s only natural that there are times when we get some products that aren’t quite up to our rigorous standards for fit and finish. That’s why we created our “Factory Seconds” program, where we take tools that don’t meet our standards (a paint chip here, a scratch or blemish there, and offer them at a deep discount. The Factory Seconds shovels use the same materials and offer the same great performance, and the performance of a Factory Seconds part is in no way impacted by these cosmetic failures.

The Factory Seconds parts could include mismatched colored shaft sections and small blemish or even a tiny dent. So if you prefer function over form, this is a great opportunity to score an award-winning DMOS tool at a fraction of the price. 

Please note, our Factory Seconds program is final sale only, so bear that in mind when ordering and enjoy the savings. Supplies are first-come, first-served, so make sure you order fast before they run out. 



  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Extends to: 57" (145 cm)
  • Weighs: 4.1 lb (1.86 kg)
  • Packs down to: 26 x 9 x 2.25" (66 x 23 x 6 cm)


The Stealth Pro Features by DMOS collectives
  1. Ergonomic, full-sized shaft won't hurt your back
  2. 57" of leverage for powerful shoveling
  3. Telescoping, indexed locking shaft adjustable to four lengths 57", 47", 35" and 29"
  4. Durable, powdercoat finish
  5. Twice as thick as an avalanche shovel
  6. Extra wide blade efficiently plows through any material
  7. Teeth break up rough terrain + ice



The Stealth Pro Usage by DMOS collectives