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We love our mountain men. You know the ones. They had beards and wore flannel before it was cool. They drive big trucks through rugged terrain. They can still build a fire from scratch, and they look damn good wielding an axe. We salute our mountain men, and we celebrate them year-round. So do our friends at Mountain Man Toyshop. It’s not too late to get your mountain man a gift he’ll cherish and use every day. Here are things we think no mountain man should live without: DMOS Alpha 2 The DMOS Alpha 2 is the best tool you’ll...

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People say trends start in the cities. We beg to differ. Our mountain town roots may make us a little biased, but it's a fact that mountain towns are notorious trend setters. Case in point: flannel shirts. Once a practical garment for cold weather dwellers, it’s now nearly impossible to go out anywhere in colder weather without seeing a sea of flannel. There’s a reason mountain town trendsetters are so successful: they’re practical. Mountain town trends are born from necessity. So whether you live in the heart of metropolis or miles away from another human, these mountain town essentials benefit...

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