Mounts & Bags

The observation that the worst shovel problem you can have is not having one when you need it motivated us to make bags and mounts.  Today, to ensure you always have a shovel with you, DMOS makes Black Label bags right here in the USA and, less expensive Asian-sourced Red Label bags and mounts for the Stealth, Alpha and Delta series shovels for roof racks, spare tires, and truck bed racks.  Coming early 2021,  DMOS's Spare Tire Adaptor MOLLE panel for universal mounting ease.  

How to mount a Delta shovel to your vehicles spare tire

Supplies needed:
- 3' of 7/16" threaded rod
- 3' of 1/2" electrical conduit
- 9 7/16" nuts, 12 1/2" washers
- 272 Loctite, hacksaw
- Drill with 7/16" bit
- Metal file
- Measuring tape
- Pencil or marker.

Note: the length of rod and electrical conduit you need depends on the offset of your mount from your tire (e.g., a 35" tire will have greater offset than a 31" tire, estimate accordingly.)

Step 1: Measure the offsets and cut threaded insert and electrical conduit.
Step 2: Remove spare tire and using washers and nuts affix the threaded insert.
Step 3: Drill the back of the mount to where you want to mount it.
Step 4. Put the tire back on after inserting threaded rod with nuts and washers from the back of the wheel.
Step 5: Insert Offsets (electrical conduit).
Step 6 Affix mount with washers and nuts. Use 272 Locktite on all nuts to keep from vibrating off.
Step 7: Insert your shovel and lock mount with a lynch pin or master lock.