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  We linked up with Tim McGrath at Sackwear to learn more about the overlanding company, his build and why he chose DMOS as his go-to-tool for his family off-roading adventures. Read his story below.   So Tim, tell us about your Maltec build? The truck is a 1993 80 series Toyota Land Cruiser chassis with a 70 series cab and carbon fiber camper (in a nutshell). The truck is built by a German company called Maltec. They are known for their expedition builds. I knew I wanted to build a vehicle that I could take my family camping in. It...

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People say trends start in the cities. We beg to differ. Our mountain town roots may make us a little biased, but it's a fact that mountain towns are notorious trend setters. Case in point: flannel shirts. Once a practical garment for cold weather dwellers, it’s now nearly impossible to go out anywhere in colder weather without seeing a sea of flannel. There’s a reason mountain town trendsetters are so successful: they’re practical. Mountain town trends are born from necessity. So whether you live in the heart of metropolis or miles away from another human, these mountain town essentials benefit...

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